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Last June, I wrote a blog post called “Pride and Practice.” It was about yoga and queerness, and the similarities I recognized in my journies to finding each of them. What struck me the most at that time was the sense of alignment I felt when I finally found my queer truth and again when I found truth within a yoga practice. At the time I described it as “coming from within, and above, and around me,” like “reading something you wrote yourself years after you actually put pen to paper–you don’t know what words are coming next, but when they do they’re familiar, an echo of a former, formative self.” I would still describe it that way, but it also occurs to me now that I was only scratching the surface with that description.

This year, when June rolled around, I intended to revisit the topics of that post. I have read and reread it, and I’ve started a dozen follow-ups that kept coming up lacking. I knew I had so much more to say, but I couldn’t figure out what felt off, why I couldn’t commit words to page or fully articulate my thoughts.

I now see I was thinking too narrowly.

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