Public Group Classes

Weekly Class Offerings


4:30 p.m. | Yoga for Teens & Tweens | Yoga Heights (Takoma)
*8-week class series, October 28-December 16 – register for the whole series or drop in*

Yoga offers stable ground as well as recognition of life changes. In tumultuous times and a challenging stage of development, this practice offers students an opportunity to cope with the conflicts and stress they face in their daily lives. Students can be creative, improve flexibility, balance, coordination and strength, in a playful and developmentally appropriate class. We will provide a safe space to learn yoga poses, breathing practices, meditation and other stress relieving techniques. No yoga experience required – all are welcomed.


12 p.m. | All-Levels Flow | Be Here Now Yoga, Healing & Wellness

Moderate-to-fast-paced flow class, typically sequenced with a specific alignment skill emphasized throughout. Suitable for all levels, with a variety of pose options available to suit each practitioner.


6 p.m. | Yoga for Misfits | Lighthouse Yoga Center 

Alignment-focused Hatha with simple, breath-based flow elements incorporated. Centers bodies that are often underrepresented in yoga spaces. Everyone is welcome. Suitable for all levels, with a variety of pose options available to suit each practitioner. There are no misfits in yoga. ❤ #yogaforall

7:45 p.m. | Yoga & Body Image | Willow Street Yoga (Takoma Park) 
*6-week class series, October 18-November 21 – you must register for the whole series*

In this class series, students will take a deep dive into the relationship between yoga, the body, and the self. Each week we’ll discuss a component of this relationship, ranging from media representations and public perception of the “yoga body,” to tenants of yoga philosophy, such as non-violence and impermanence, that can change the way we relate to our own bodies for the better. We’ll follow each discussion by embodying these concepts through breath, movement, and meditation practices that are adaptable for all bodies and levels of practice. Everyone is welcome. Those who have never practiced yoga before because they weren’t sure their body would be welcomed are
especially encouraged to attend.

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