I’m. So. Fat.

This is an excerpt of a post published on freedbodyworks.com. You can read the full post here.

I’m. So. Fat.

I am! I’m all kinds of belly and hips and jiggle and stretch marks. I’m fat.

And I’m sad. But it’s not for the reasons that you might think. I’m not sad because I’m fat. I’m sad because so many people couldn’t read the statements, “I’m fat,” and “I’m sad,” next to each other without assuming they’re inextricably linked. Maybe you too read those statements and thought I was being self-deprecating based on my body size.

The truth is, “fat” is just a word, an adjective, like “tall” or “brunette.” It’s a neutral descriptor for a body that carries a lot of adipose tissue. Unfortunately, society has loaded this word with all sorts of negative connotations, and these connotations are not often based in any sort of fact. For instance, it’s all too common to link the words “fat” and “lazy,” when in reality, those two qualities have nothing to do with each other. Can they exist in the same person? Absolutely. Does being one necessarily mean you’re also the other? Nope.

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