Teaching Mentorship

Are you looking to deepen your teaching practice, expand your skill base, or build your yoga business? New and seasoned teachers alike can benefit from personalized continuing education that suits your specific needs and teaching goals.

Why Private Teaching Mentorship?

With so many fantastic continuing education options available, you may be wondering what sets private mentorship apart. Much like taking private yoga classes, private mentorship offers teachers looking to grow in their career the opportunity to receive personalized training, attention, and follow-up that is far less possible in group training environments. You never have to worry that you’re paying for redundant content hours, and you can ask as many questions as you want–in short, you can learn what you want, on your own terms.

I work with each mentee to create a personalized learning plan that accounts for the areas in which they’re looking to grow, their preferred learning styles, their personal scheduling considerations, and their budget for continuing education. There’s no minimum number of hours–you can commit to a couple of hours for a quick consult, a program that lasts several months, a weekend of personalized content, or virtually any duration in between.

Is Private Mentorship for Me?

Private mentorship with me may be a perfect fit for you if:

  • You’re a new yoga teacher looking to build confidence and your class schedule and to hone your essential teaching skills, such as sequencing, cuing, and public speaking
  • You’re a new OR experienced yoga teacher seeking to make your offerings more inclusive, accessible, and community-oriented
  • You have a vested interest in investigating the power dynamics that exist within yoga spaces, honoring your students’ consent and agency, and offering a truly empowering practice that’s trauma-informed on both personal and social levels
  • You’re considering making the transition to full-time teaching and would like advice on building your brand and your business
  • You’re interested in taking your yoga teaching off the mat through service work, advocacy, and personal alignment with yoga philosophy

What Does Private Teaching Mentorship Entail?

One-on-one teaching mentorships with me generally include weekly meetings, either in-person or over video chat/phone calls (this is adjustable based on your schedule). I work with mentees on any or all of the following, depending on their needs and goals:

  • The Business of Yoga: marketing yourself to studios and marketing your offerings to students – this can include tips for applying for teaching jobs, help creating your teaching resume, best marketing practice for different stages in your career, the concept of building a personal brand, and hard marketing skills like social media, websites/blogs, newsletters, print materials, and networking. If desired, we can create a step-by-step marketing plan that’s tailored to you and what you want to offer.
  • The Ethics of Teaching Yoga: in-depth discussion around the state of the yoga industry and where you fit in, considerations around teacher/student and other power dynamics, how trauma-informing your teaching fits in to studio spaces, considerations around touch in yoga classes, considerations around inclusivity and access, the role of seva (service work), issues of cultural appropriation and spiritual bypassing and how to combat them, living and working in line with your values and the values of the yoga teachings, and anything else that’s coming up for you as you grow your teaching practice.
  • Developing Your Teaching Style: drawing from conversations around personal brand, existing skill sets, and personal and yogic ethics, we can work together to figure out what types of classes/services you most want to offer (studio classes, privates, specialty offerings, yogic services beyond asana, etc.) and what additional skills and training will help get you there. I can provide training in my areas of expertise and make recommendations or referrals to other resources/trainings that may fill in the gaps in my current repertoire.
  • Developing and Diversifying Your Teaching Skills: drawing from all of the above conversations, we can work together on hard teaching skills, such as classroom setup and management, sequencing, cuing, and offering variations and (possibly) assists. Where appropriate, we can do actual teaching practice (privately or with a convened group in a studio space) and teaching feedback (after a teaching practice session or after I attend a class on your regular schedule). We can also take deeper dives into any or all of my areas of specialty, which include:
    • trauma-informed/agency-based teaching
    • accessible yoga for folks with disabilities or chronic conditions
    • yoga for folks in larger bodies
    • integrated teaching for all bodies (how to teach when you have many levels of ability and different body types in the same room)
  • Yoga Off the Mat: for mentees who are interested in doing the work of yoga beyond teaching asana, I can provide mentorship and resources around working in yoga advocacy.

Time Investment & Schedule

One of the benefits of private continuing education is the ability to work with your individual needs and schedule availability. You get to choose the number of mentorship hours you’d like to commit to, taking your time, finances, and learning goals into account.

Before we begin any formal work together, we will schedule a free exploratory meeting. During this time, we will go over your teaching background, goals for the mentorship, preferred learning styles, and your desired level of time and financial investment. You can also use this time to ask any questions you have about me or mentorship! After we meet, I will write up a tailored, hour-by-hour learning plan for our work together, as well as a private mentorship agreement for each of us to acknowledge and sign. You will have the opportunity to review and approve both documents before we proceed.

I do ask that mentees make a financial commitment to the number of hours included in their personal learning plan, though payment schedules are flexible (see below). At the conclusion of your initial mentorship duration, should you find that you have additional learning goals that you’d like to work together on, you will have the option to extend.

As we design your learning plan, you can decide whether or not you want to commit to additional hours of at-home study. Yes, homework (if you want it)! Some or all of your time spent on assignments may count towards Yoga Allience CEUs as non-contact hours–in many cases, this means some free CEUs!

Financial Investment & Payment Schedule

Hourly pricing for private mentorship is sliding scale with three base tiers to choose from. You can choose the hourly rate that best serves your budget. If you don’t see a rate listed here that matches your current financial situation, you’re welcome to reach out. I do not require you to disclose any information about your financial situation or why you’ve chosen a particular rate, I only ask that mentees remain accountable to a practice of financial honesty and pay the rate they can honestly afford and which represents a proportionate investment relative to their available resources.

Pricing tiers:

  1. Request an Assist: $50 per hour 
  2. Cover Yourself: $75 per hour
  3. Lend a Hand: $100 per hour 

How and when you pay is flexible–some folks prefer to pay per session to keep payments spaced out, others prefer to pay monthly or in full up front. I accept payment by cash, personal check, PayPal, or Venmo.

Continuing Education Credit

I am an E-RYT and registered YACEP with Yoga Alliance. Based on the duration and content of your learning plan, I will be able to offer you continuing education credits toward your triennial renewal requirements. You DO NOT have to be registered with Yoga Alliance to participate, but only those registered will be available for credit.

Additional Mentorship Benefits

In addition to flexibly covering the material on your individualized learning plan, I extend a number of ongoing benefits to my mentees:

  • Real-Time Advice: If you encounter a teaching question or need a professional opinion outside of our set meeting hours, I’m a call, text, or email away.
  • Discounted Classes & Workshops: Whenever the venue allows, I offer mentees discounted registrations on my group and private yoga classes and workshops.
  • Teaching Opportunities: Along with building practice teaching into your learning plan, private mentees are top names on my invite list whenever I could use a co-teacher or teaching assistant for a workshop or training. In certain instances, they’re also the first on my list to call when I need a teaching sub.
  • Professional Recommendations: I’m invested in my mentees’ success. I’m happy to make introductions to studio owners and hiring managers and to write letters of recommendation for current and former mentees.
  • Discounted Website Creation: In addition to teaching yoga, I am experienced at building and maintaining websites. For non-mentees, I charge a full service fee for website creation, plus hard costs. Should you need a website built, current and former mentees pay half price.
  • RESOURCES: Need a new podcast or reading recommendation to deepen your studies? I’ve got you. Looking for a continuing education course that I don’t offer? I bet I know someone who does. In search of the perfect consultant for your very niche project? I can help you track that person down.

Ready to Get Started?

Step 1: Book an Exploratory Meeting – it’s free!

Step 2: Prior to your meeting time, please fill out and submit my Private Teaching Mentorship Intake Form so I can get to know you and your teaching practice!

Still have questions? Contact Me

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